Jun 2, 2012

And all else simply falls away

Karen, God sees the desire of your heart, and it's a wonderful desire...

Oh God, his mouth has just confirmed the very thing, you know it, God, you know - 
you'll do amazing things, we'll do amazing things together - 

Karen, I want you to know that Jesus is proud of you, and every morning when you wake up He's very happy -

Oh God, I'm so sorry, and to think... and I'm so unworthy - 
no, cut it off, cut off the guilt, just delight in the Lord and His love

Don't cover your face when you cry, don't look down, let Him see the face that He has created

Karen, when I was sitting beside you I just sensed in my heart that you might be feeling like you have expectations you need to meet, that you feel inadequate, even for God -

Oh, God, who am I but a baby in Your kingdom; who am I but a servant, undeserving - 

But God has made you in His perfect, wonderful image, and nothing you do can make Him love you less, make Him love you more. And you don't have any expectations to meet, you don't have to feel inadequate.

Thank you, God; you made me just the way I am, and you make my weaknesses my strengths in You.

(People who are emotionally dependent have a lot of love to give away / And they need a lot of love / Karen you're blessed because God has created you with a great heart / I want to believe that God's going to fill your life with lots of meaningful relationships)

And don't let your past affect you; you are a new person in God; God has given you a new name

Oh, God, this is me, I'm so weak, so dependent, I succumb so easily, this is who I am, you know how I cling on, how I stumble so soon, you know what I'm facing this very moment - 
no, cut it off, the past doesn't determine anything, just delight in the strength He has given you

Your strength is made perfect in my weakness Lord

Reminder to self, the desire you have, the wonderful desire that God is delighted with and will come to pass in Him. The things that you know you have to do. The strength that He has given you but also needs to be renewed. Don't succumb. You have the strength. Don't cling on to the self you knew. Don't keep reinforcing the weakness. You aren't weak. You have the strength of the Lord.

(Thank you Daniel & Germaine for being vessels of the Lord; cg 020612)

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