Sep 25, 2011

your hands on my waist

1st floor: "See, I'm actually a lot taller than you, you still need a stool to kiss me." You straighten your back, I try to tiptoe. The lift comes. It's just you and me at first, and then a delivery man rushes in. Awkward. We move to the back of the lift.
2nd floor: Delivery man walks out. As soon as the lift doors close I feel a pair of arms wrap around me tight from behind. You squeeze tighter; my heart soars higher.
3rd floor: The lift doors open. I attempt to take a step forward - "No, don't go." You don't loosen your hold. And we stay like that for a few seconds longer while the door stays open.

(And I wonder if I ever cross your mind / For me it happens all the time)

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Napster said...

and then??......:-)