Jun 12, 2011


I remember sitting at the coffee table in the quiet living room one afternoon with the Exco form in front of me. Blank. Wondering what to say.

I remember texting Lianne and asking her what exactly Public Relations was about, and then she suggested I give her a call. I panicked. Twenty minutes later, I was pretty much in shock - I never could have imagined that this TRic could be so cheerful and friendly. She sounded, in fact, like a...normal person.

Now, I look back and deciding to run for the Exco was the best decision I had ever made. I talked to Sebby about it because I knew I'd have to give up AC Dance for Council Exco, and he told me that I was of more use to Council than to Dance. That was the reason for my decision, and what I told my fellow 35ths after the many rounds of voting for the position of PR head, that helped make up their minds as well.

I look back at my initial huge fear of Lianne and hesitation of dialing her number. Then on voting day, she walked out of the (then) blazer room to happily announce that I had succeeded her as PR head. After that the Exco seniors and juniors sat in a circle, me beside her, and from then on, I started to know her as an amazing, caring, nurturing senior, and not as a TRic.

And now I look back at my TRicing days that have just passed, its evidence in my still-hoarse voice, and it really was the highlight of my Council term. Passing down the passion, with the help of the infinite love and care and support of my fellow TRics and the adhoc.

It's a cycle, a beautiful cycle of tough passion that will only repeat itself,
and again
through the years.

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