Oct 5, 2009

One last ride?

Today, for the first time in four years (and the week we graduate), I saw something nice about you. It touched me.

It's nice to know. I remember you telling me about how you brought her to the doctor's once. I thought that was nice too, and I guess I should've known you better than not to think there was so much more in the few sentences you said about it, because you aren't the kind to show your feelings that much.

It's sad to know we won't be going home together anymore. We talk / hang out in school together less and less, and it's usually only during our trips home together that we really begin to talk again. And it would have been nice to know we could still go home together once in a while even if we went our separate ways after Crescent.

Friend, honestly speaking, there are a lot of things about you I can't stand, and people tell me it's a miracle we've been friends for so long, but you matter a lot to me because I know you care for me and that matters so much. The occasional things you say that pierce my heart suck for that moment, but I know that you only do it because you care for me as a friend, and that's terribly important. I know I'd rather live in the painful truth than in delusion. That's what's important - a friend who doesn't care if she hurts you or not because she loves you.

Promise me, Suah, that even if we go to different schools next year we'll still meet up and chat once in a while. Oh and by the way don't go back on your blogshop promise ah ;)

We were given our Survival packs today hahaha. There were these star-shaped post-it-like stickers and we were supposed to write a message to someone else on it. So I did this for Cuixiao:
and she said she was so hurt because it was so ugly. She truly meant it by the way. She folded it into some weird shape and I think she left it on the table as she left. T.T And she did this for me:

It reads "Karen. You (will) be among the last few (people) that I (will) forget ^_^"'
and I was like, "Fine lah so you're going to forget me lah!" and then she came up with some rubbish about how her memory will deteriorate and it's impossible for her to remember anyone that long so I'd better be thankful. Dear Xiao, I will totally make sure you remember me forever.

Amelia (Regarding the rabbits): "Wah, ____ actually cares about animals ah"
Had a little chat with Amelia today. I remember a year ago when I was the Dance DM, Amelia told me that she had wanted to be the DM but what she really wanted was the Colours award. This year she said she didn't want it anymore and almost didn't submit the form because she wasn't a committee member, but did it at the last minute for me because I kept nagging. I nagged because I knew that deep down she still wanted it badly. Friends, congratulate Amelia. She got the Colours award (: (and me and Geraldine and Letty and Xiu and Sharon and Glendz)

Four more days to graduation. Let Friday never come.

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