Sep 12, 2009


Went for Jump yesterday. Was mindlessly entertaining, but not as fantastic as Breakout.
Breakout's coming back next March! With a different cast. Last year's was awesome, two of them were pro beatboxers.

Went to Aunty Shin Joo's house today because one of my parents' NUS choir friends was leaving for America (again), and my parents' NUS choirmates gathering = I get to meet my childhood friends! Sarah didn't come though, so it was just Su May.

My brother and Chuen Wee went crazy at the playground. Pictures will be uploaded ... soon.

Work-wise, this holiday has been really unproductive.

Diligence is a virtue I have yet to acquire.

Feeling really pissed at myself now because I SPENT THREE HOURS SHOPPING at Raffles City and Suntec City - Dorothy Perkins, TWO Topshops, TWO M]phosis outlets, and I didn't get anything. I was getting really desperate at around 9.30 so I walked into any shop that was still open and told myself "Just buy anything, ANYTHING" and I still didn't get anything.

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