Sep 6, 2009

English Nazis UNITE

"She said OKEIXX! I was, like, would it KILL you to just type a letter 'K'?!?!"

Janey is the bomb. I could've cried laughing.

"Do you know how excruciatingly painful it is to read what he types?"

I don't know how the both of them made it in, really. Their grammar is bad, really bad. I know my standard of English is FAR from perfect, but.... theirs is really bad. We Singaporeans need to acquire a much, much better standard of English.

I love Singlish - I'm a great supporter of it - but I think that while embracing our unique English dialect, we also really need to be very good at standard English. SAY YOU AGREE. Janey, Sumay, Daryl, say you agree. (Okay, Janey and Sumay don't read my blog but whatever)

"She can't even spell 'then' properly! She said 'THAN'. And you know, I'm beginning to see a lot of people spell 'COMFIRM' and 'TEMTITIVE' (tentative)!!!"

"I feel like telling him to use Spell Check. I mean, Spell Check is there for a reason. Microsoft came up with it for a reason. It's for people like YOU."

I guess being in Crescent has made me take proper English for granted. I usually think it's a given that people type in grammatically correct sentences most of the time etc., but the truth is that there aren't that many people who have a good command of English.

"All girl school"? "Same color uniform"? "There are just too much things"? "Talked about many stuff"? "They seems to"? "I wonder how does this works"? "The person who suck is you"? "A movie which every boy dream to watch"? "He had not prepare yet"? "It sound sucky"? "You're dream came true?"

(Sorry if what I just typed offended anyone, no offence intended.)

I don't meet people with spelling errors that much but I come across people who make very simple/common grammatical errors a lot. I know my grammar isn't perfect and my English is far from perfect (I have to keep emphasizing this) but this is unacceptable.

And oh, I think we've all heard about Miss Singapore's unbelievably pathetic command of English, right? I had a good time laughing with Janey about that, but seriously, if she were to go for Miss World or whatever it is with that kind of standard of English, I WILL THREATEN TO CHANGE MY CITIZENSHIP.


JJ: Clear blue sky today... lifts my mood :) Life in Taipei is a myriad of perceptions beautifully entangled into one big metropolis...
Wah nice description.

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