Jul 17, 2009

I want to change my blog url

Jenna: If I gave you half my boobs I'd be flat.
Isabella: If I gave you half my boobs I'd be hollow!

Idk how we're going to do a class video now ): I hope it'll still be good. As if things weren't last minute enough, other things had to crop up.

Screw that day:
One girl realised how precious her friends were and how she'd never really cherished them before, one girl became emotionally unstable, and 20+ traumatised girls learnt an important lesson.
(4S2, shh!)

To you and you: Lubchew guys, take care!

Mrs Rupa says my English standard is getting worse. D: As if I needed that. I'm already failing my compres; I need Compo and Oral marks to pull my English marks up and I really need that A1. It's a personal goal thing. I can't not get an A1 for English. Look at my standard now.

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