Jul 28, 2009

I hope Facebook never dies \m/

Now people can read my blog from Facebook! :O Go to my profile, look at the left sidebar, and scroll down. It's just below Information and Friends. WOOHOO SO COOL!

I've got loads to blog about but not now. Ting says we must sacrifice for O's. She sacrificed her greatest love - TV, she could even memorize the whole programme schedule - to study 18 hours a day (and sleep 6 hours a day). No wonder some people make it and some don't.

Wait, if she's that smart why's she leading a sad life as a teacher? Haha. My dad also. He topped his standard/class (I can't remember which. I hope it's the latter; I'd feel a little more reassured) in crazy RAFFLES INSTITUTION haha and he has an Engineering degree and now he's a teacher. Aww. Teachers have sad lives lah. I don't know why they do it.

Will explain why my dad took up teaching another time. It's quite amusing heh heh.

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