Jun 1, 2009

Now that Chinese O's are over, it's time to prepare for MYEs

Considering the fact that I've just been "liberated", as Guin put it, I feel considerably moody.
Why? Why am I feeling so down now? Was it because of what I just saw?
I hate how I think too much. It gives me unnecessary emo and messed up feelings.

"Sleep well. God is with you."
You know, Mad, those two sentences somehow brought me a feeling of warmth and an undescribable amount of comfort. It was amazing, like as if God was there reading it out to me.

Thank you W412, Su may, Daoxin, and all who wished me good luck; thank you Jacey for your very willing help, and Cuixiao for always answering my questions in detail to make sure I understood.

I love you guys.

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