Jun 28, 2009

Michael jackson is WHAT?

Don't like him but I think his voice was great great great when he was a kid.

Okay I love Heal The World. Mainly because JJ sang it but anyway I loved the song even before JJ sang it! (But I obviously love JJ's version more MUAHAHAHA) This video's pictures are painfully amazing by the way.
There's a nicer version of this song but I'm putting this one up because I think the pictures in the video are great. But anyway here's the nicer version (there's a difference!). It's live so he's a little off in a few places but whatever.

Anw, I think it's a pity he died so early because he was getting ready to do a world tour of 50 concerts. :/ But anw, what do I know about him? I know dear Nazemudin must be crying his eyes out though. In P5 for our National Day competition he composed a song for Singapore to the tune of MJ's Black and White. (and we got first place!)

I wonder how JJ must be feeling now. :/ MJ was the reason he loved music; MJ must be to him like who he(JJ) is to me. Omgosh, if JJ dies I don't know what I'll do with my own life.

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