Jun 18, 2009

(Can't think of a title)

By the way, there are a lot of pictures I want to post up & I do want to blog about the OB Expo thing, but I'll only do it when I'm not too lazy to switch my slow old tablet on (:

Yknow, yesterday I dreamt of a very very old friend. Can't remember his name. In p5 and p6 (and maybe p4), I was part of a Buddy Reading / LSP programme, where I 'buddied' a Primary 1/2 who was really bad in English, and I'd teach my buddy to read. In P5 I partnered someone called Azra, in P4 or P6 (I wish I could remember) I tutored an extremely extremely cute China boy. I can't remember his name (I wish I could remember), all I remember is that his full name only consisted of two words (like Cui Xiao). And I think there was a Z somewhere.

Anyway, he was mega quiet, and at first I had to lean over and strain a lot to hear him speak. He was super shy and was very bad in his reading, and sometimes I suspected he (and Azra) felt quite unlucky to be buddied with me because I was rather shy and anti-social too, so everyone else around the room would be having a lot of fun while my buddy and I would just sit quietly, doing what we were supposed to do almost solemnly.

But as the year progressed, he became a little more outspoken, and the kind of books he selected for our reading practices became slightly harder and harder, and he could read "helicopter" and "elephant!" :D :D :D THE EXTENT OF MY ELATION WAS INDESCRIBABLE OKAY! He was extremely cute, especially when he gave his very occasional, very shy, lopsided grin. MUAHAHA. I really wish I could remember his name so that I'd be able to look for him in primary school or search his name on the Internet or something, GAH HE'S SO CUTE! I want to know how he's doing & how good his English has become! :D


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