May 5, 2009

"We were close once."

Hey C, I realised something.
I admire how you said that, even though it didn't really sound nice and it's actually quite sad. But it's true, and that's what matters. I admire you for being truthful and I love that. That sentence probably didn't mean much to you but it made me reflect a bit on my friendships with other people and stuff. Some people like to make everything seem nice and cheery and like as if we're very close when we really aren't; it's just for show, they're so used to doing it that they feel awkward not doing it even when it's only between them and another person.

I admire that plain truthfulness that just comes out of you naturally.

"It makes me feel like a friend."
Mad, how could you say that?! I bet you don't know this but, you're the closest friend I have now.
;) Surprised? Mmm I'm a lonely loser. But really, thanks for always being able to relate to my problems. I mean that's not something that can be helped, but I don't feel alone because someone else has gone through / is going through the same problems I'm facing and that's reassuring.
And I like your truthfulness too. When there's something wrong you let me know, and I appreciate that, because I hate having to be kept in the dark, I hate having to guess if people don't like me / what the problem is. (:

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