May 11, 2009

We need strength to move on without each other

I don't want to keep hurting you anymore, we keep arguing almost every day and I hate knowing that I'm causing the most harm to the person I love the most. It's not right.

Dear God, I'd just like you to know that I'm doing this partly because of you.
Bless us with the strength to move on.

I hope we won't just keep coming back to each other because we miss each other too much. I'll just keep hurting you, and nothing much good will come out of it.

I'm aware of the disadvantages of this breakup, but when it comes to an issue like this, only this should matter. I just hope we'll both be strong enough, S.

I miss you already.. friend.

One and a half years and fourteen days - 
Day zero starts today.
I wonder how long we'll last without each other.

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