May 28, 2009

Taking a break from Chinese

"I go for cell group partly to see you" - Maddie
Aww. I have such sweet friends. :D

I need to de-stress my brain.

English morning writing practice: Affection
The air was filled with the sweet smell of baking and nose-tingling ginger. It snowed outside, but inside the air was toasty and warm. A tray of freshly baked gingerbread cookies lay on the table, as Marie and Matthew got ready to put another batch of cookies into the oven. With mittens on, the duo slowly inserted the silver tray into the red-hot metal chamber, giggling as both were careful not to touch the hot parts. When the task was completed, Marie crouched down to hug her son and plant kisses on his rosy cheeks.

Matt shrieked and giggled and clapped in joy. Marie cupped his face with her hands and gazed into the eyes of the only family she had left, and memories of his father, whom Matt had inherited his honey-blonde hair and mesmerizing green eyes from, came flooding back to her. Marie would not let her soon see her cry, so she pulled him close to her and forced a smile. When she had calmed her emotions, she sat in a cross-legged position, pulling Matt onto her lap as she sang him nursery rhymes and pressed her finger against his button nose. When Matt attempted to do the same to Marie, she laughed and brought her face close to his. Matt giggled and kissed her on the chin, grinning. Marie smiled.

As the alarm sounded, Marie got to her feet and, holding hands, mother and son headed towards the oven again.

By the way, I'm putting this up not to show off okay, it's just that I want to record what I do so that I can look back when I'm preparing for English O's and I can see if I've made any progress, because I'll probably lose the foolscap papers but I won't lose my blog right? :D

I think this doesn't show affection much. It's more of love eh?

I NEED TO READ MORE, but it's impossible to find time for anything.
I NEED MY A1 FOR ENGLISH. I should be able to get an A1 for Oral and Paper 1 but I usually only barely pass/FAIL my compres. My mother says she'll try seeing if the British Council has tuition for Compre skills.

Why am I worrying about English? :/

4 more days to Chinese O's.

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