May 30, 2009

It's "O 水准, not O levels!"

Haha Janice you're the cutest.

Thank you:
Maddie for giving me your notes,
Luhong for helping me make notes + giving me your notes,
Jacey for your twenty-one "If you don't know anything ask me okay?"s,
Cuixiao for explaining a lot of things to me even though you hated me asking stuff,
And obviously, Mdm Lim.
"Hope you get as good results as the lollipop!" (Lollipop = 棒棒糖 HAHA. She meant get good results lah! MDM LIM IS THE CUTEST)

I cannot let you guys down after everything you've helped me with.

& Thank you Janice, Grace, Silvana, Daoxin and Carmen (because we're in this together!)


"Os are totally killing me, and i seem to be immersing myself in Chinese. It doesnt help that i've actually started thinking in Chinese, because when tht happens, i actually get confused. I mean, it is SUPER ABNORMAL for me to be able to describe some things in Chinese, but forget how to say it in English, but it's been happening on a daily basis?! I've even started dreaming in the language, for goodness sake. "
- Annie

We're all mugging.. and I haven't really done much revision. Yesterday I didn't feel like doing anything at all so I went to sleep super early, today I wasted the morning-part of the afternoon away, I'm going out for dinner later, PLUS I'm going for church tomorrow. Mmmmmm how to get A2 like that? ):






(Luhong, I LOVE your 谚语表!!!)

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