May 20, 2009

My birthday post to Spermatozoon

Okay. I'd better get this done with now. It's more than 2 months overdue.

Something random: Remember how we kept listening to Ai De Zhu Xuan Lu by Xiao Gui and Zhuo Wen Xuan on my MP3 during our Sarawak trip, and we kept mouthing the songs and doing stupid dramatic actions until people we didn't even know in the bus started staring? :D

I promised I'd put this up:
Miyazaki - Shermin Trying To Hide from My Camera with her Disposable Panties and Showing me her Hello Kitty Bra


Anyway Sperm, I came across your 29 May '07 post and felt really touched all over again :D Xie xie ni hen duo Sher, and I really love you too. We went through so much together that year in Sec 2. 

SYF '07 which really bonded us, Sarawak, your friendship problems, my friendship problems, and our friendship problems. How you hurt me with your JJ insults and how I struggled to put up with it because you were just about the only friend I had in school. 

And OH, NINETY-THREE. The compositions. Which reminds me, I still haven't composed a song for the latest set of lyrics you wrote (Ni).
The stupid times we spent at Jt's house recording the songs and laughing at all the "Ni"s because you kept saying Ni means Boobs in Hokkien.

The Miyazaki trip, there were so many fond memories of the both of us there. I chanced upon the neoprints we took. WHAT THE FREAK I DID ALL THOSE STUPID AH LIAN HAND SIGNS AND I WAS SO DAMN UGLY, EWW!!!

And in short, you made a huge difference to my life and I couldn't be more grateful.

Just a few pictures, because I've gotta rush off for Bio SPA:

(when we realised that after getting up early and walking a lot, we didn't get to see what the teacher wanted to show us)

SYF '07


(Sec 2) 


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