May 26, 2009

It's our God-forsaken right to be loved, loved, loved

SAF's Chinese Orchestra troupe and vocal grup came today, the Chinese orchestra was cool lah, I really like the sounds of the Erhu and Pipa.

Vocal group was an acapella group, THE BEATBOXER'S FREAKING COOL!
I brought my camera to take videos because I knew I would want to, but I didn't bring my SD card

The beatboxer must feel quite restricted when doing the beats for the group, because there are only certain types of sounds he can do. Those are really superb too, but the stuff he did in the solo was ZOMGOSH MAGGOT COOL CAN.
The helicopter sound's amusing. I really like his "Four Minutes". The trumpet-like and disco thing's cool :D
Wish I'd recorded them T.T So funny when he did In The Ayer (Oh hot damn, this is ma jam..) a lot of people started screaming and I laughed because I was reminded of Jenna. And Jayden.

SUPER COOL! SUPER COOL! SUPER COOL! SUPER COOL! Zi bei because I can't do beatboxing. Then again, it's a matter of how much effort I put in.

I'm inspired to learn the Erhu. Jason? :D
(Like what the crap, I barely passed my Piano exam -.-)

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