May 25, 2009

If a singer is gay, does that make him a bad singer?

Nobody can argue with me. Adam Lambert TOTALLY deserved to win. Just because Kris apparently looks better, it doesn't mean he's more talented. And it certainly isn't the case. Kris doesn't deserve to beat Adam and even Danny. (Gah I love Danny)

No I am not biased. When he was doing that performance in his hometown he even went off-note a number of times and his first verse wasn't good at all. (Not that I can sing better, obviously, but for American Idol standard, it's unacceptable) Did you know he almost got kicked out of the Top 36? But producers made him do another "battle" against another contestant, which he won. (This was never aired on TV).

No way Adam could have lost against Kris. Or Danny. So what made Kris beat Adam?

So Adam's gay, so he's a drag queen, and the pictures are damn gross. But does anything like that affect his talent? In a talent show, only talent should matter. If Kris Allen were gay (no offence), he wouldn't have made it into the top few please.

GRR. Why should we let our own prejudice judge others' talents? If Adam weren't gay, if Adam were the married Christian and Kris were the gay drag queen, Adam would definitely have won.

I'm not totally pro-Adam. I'm just pretty anti-Kris and I feel Adam deserves to win so much more because he obviously has much more talent.

But if I were to have it my way, I'd say Danny should have won.

The reason for Kris Allen's win:

" The ability for people to vote as many times as technologically possible has made the voting process the real competition and not the singing. American Idol should change the voting procedures for next year. The public loses interest in actually voting for their favorite because now we are up against techniques like what Arkansas fans did with their phone/text/computer strategy (4,000 votes per person over ALL time zones). The record results indicates that it has become a technological competition. Next year everyone else will find even more creative ways to beat the system. AI may get a 'billion' votes to brag about, but it will be done by computers and therefore meaningless."

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