Apr 5, 2009


Okay.... today was the Big Day.

So, Jason asked us all to stand at the back of the room and he'd call us up to the front and stand either on the left or on the right..
Yes, we were still all smiling, unaware of our fate.

At that point, Germaine was the only girl on the right hand side of the room..

Willie and Saunders and Xiao Xuan, in the same group as me. Willie and Saunders were feeling terribly upset because they were the only guys there.

The last time Jason and Daniel will lead together

The last time we'll eat Daniel's mum's noodles

Yes, so a few of us were extremely disappointed. Germaine, Fion and Shirley are the only girls in Daniel's CG, and Willie, Saunders and Jeremy are the only guys in Jason's (mine).
When the results were announced, Willie and Saunders squatted down and cried like crazy. At first we thought they were just joking, and Daniel even went "Wah!" and took a picture and joked that he'd put it online, but then we realised they were really crying very badly.
I understand I guess. All the guy friends they're so close to were in the other CG. Small Sebas, Adrian.. and then they're stuck in this CG with all the girls. Heh.
Well.. at least they've got each other. (:

Our (Jason's) CG is still called W412.

I will totally miss:

- Fion. I don't know her well, but she's really sweet, and when we were paired up to pray for each other she paired up with me and she really prayed a lot for my O levels and I'm really thankful for that. Fion, WO AI NI! Fion was crying really badly, because she's separated from us all. Gave her a hug and told her I would really miss her even though I didn't know her well. And I mean it.

- Small Sebastian. Even though I've never talked to him before. I'll really miss his liveliness and little jokes. Man I'll really miss him. This is weird, considering the fact that I've never talked to him before. But well all of us in (the old) W412 would understand yeah.

- Big Sebastian's off-key and off-rhythmness. Hehehehe. Explanation not needed.

- Adrian's blurness.

- Germaine and Shirley's bubbliness and chattiness. (*sob sob*)

- DANIELLLLLLLLLLL. (Explanation not needed)

...And it's a whole new beginning.

I guess multiplication is a good thing. It's a sign that God's Kingdom is growing! And it shows that God's blessings are on us, so that we can bring more and more people to Christ, get more people saved in this corrupted world. The Army of the Lord is expanding, and W412 is growing.

We're the first CG this year in CHC to multiply because there are too many people. That's a good thing for us, but a very very sad thing for the Kingdom of God. It needs to expand more. There are so many people out there who need salvation.

No, wait. We ALL need it.

Jason told us to pray for a few minutes and ask God to give us the names of five people He would like us to invite into CHC for Easter. The amazing thing was, Janice, Jt, Maddie and I all thought of Jacey.
(Jacey, you really must come)
and Janice and I thought of Celeste too.
(Celeste, you must come too)

I had a few other names, but I'll keep them to myself. But if I ask you to come for Easter, be honoured, because it means you're in my prayers, and I really love you as a friend. (:


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