Apr 8, 2009

Random thoughts that impact me / make me think a lot

I hate living a routine, predictable life.

The secret lives of people we would never know. That innocent-looking girl in the Sec 3 class picture, that small fat kid who's always being bullied. Nobody would guess the stuff they do together.
It's so weird, how the person who might be sitting right beside you might have a totally different life you'd never imagine, how you realise you don't really know anything about her, how you realise she actually leads a "double", very different life, how the "other" her is actually so different from the her you know.

Yet another backslider.
I feel really bad about not doing anything to help, I want so badly to reach out to these people, to bring them back to God.
But there are just some people I don't have the courage to reach out to.
I know there are people who would find Christians who try and reach out irritating. I used to feel that way. What about to a backslider?

God, I pray that you will bring these people back to you again. If you use me to reach out to them, give me the strength to do it, and don't let them reject me.

How badly I want them to experience their first love again.

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