Apr 30, 2009

ENGLISH Mid-years

Paper 1 was okay, I wrote quite a lot (4 full pages for the compo, 2 full pages for the speech)

I did Determination, my storyline was based on the same thing again: Music-.-
I said since young I loved the way music could express and convey emotions, and I loved singing/dancing along (I was still young at that time, when I couldn't speak to express my feelings), but there was a problem: I was tone-deaf.
Mmm. So I was unable to clap along to a beat or sing along to a tune, then when I was 13 I said I wanted to take up singing and my friends laughed at me, so I confided in my aunt who happened to be a singing teacher, and she encouraged me to go for my dreams so I asked her to be my vocal teacher.

So there was a lot of gruelling training and she screamed at me a lot of times, but after like FIVE MONTHS I was finally able to clap to a simple rhythm / sing along to a simple tune. Then after like FOURTEEN months I was able to do slightly more complex rhythms/songs.
(Yah I know, I make myself sound like a damn slow person but it's part of the determination thing!)

So anw, after one and a half years when I was finally musically stable enough, my aunt taught me singing tehniques, starting with the breathing (diaphragm) thing. And it took me a month or five months (I can't remember) to be able to do it properly, so anyway I was super discouraged, because like, I thought that being able to correct my tone-deafness was already such a big achievement, but actually I still couldn't even do the basic singing techniques properly.

And like I was very disheartened because it had been like two years of damn tough gruelling training and being screamed at and all I had been able to do was to sing like a NORMAL average person, so I was like very irritated, so one day I screamed at my aunt.

Then I thought about how far I had progressed (It wasn't much but at least it was a sign that I was improving), and my aunt had told me before that as long as I never gave up I would be able to achieve my dream, so I went back to her etc.

Then when I was 16 I was given a chance by my aunt's music company to perform at Mediacorp's anniversary celebration (That part was kind of true, but it was when I was 15) and I was very shocked and elated but I realised that I had never performed in front of a crowd before, let alone in a prestegious event like this, then my aunt smiled and said something like, after these two years I should know better than anyone else that anything is possible to achieve as long as I tried hard enough, so I shouldn't give up and continue working towards my goal.

Mmmmmm. I always write about music. If my examiner was the same person throughout my 4 years of secondary school life she'd probably have gotten bored of my style by now. Thank goodness my O level marker is some old British guy who hasn't seen my essays before (:

Erm, I don't have confidence in my compre, I think I'll just fail / get a C as usual. Disappointing. I hope I'll do well for my summary although I've never really gotten anything above a C for it -.-

I REALLY WANT TO GET AN A FOR ENGLISH. I have confidence in my Paper 1 but I know my Paper 2 will pull my marks down really really really badly. And even if I get an A for Oral haha, I wouldn't be able to get an A overall for sure, because of my sucky Compre/summary.

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