Apr 26, 2009


I watched JJ on the President's Command performance, and I must say..
He sounded terrible.
(No, wait, I'm not saying he sucks)

STUPID JJ WORKED UNTIL HE LOST HIS VOICE ON THE DAY OF HIS SINGAPORE CONCERT AND HE WENT TO THE HOSPITAL CAN!!!!! (Thankfully his voice was restored in time for the concert, thanks to all the prayers, although his voice definitely wasn't his best.)

Then he went to Beijing and had to be admitted into hospital again, he just never stops working! He doesn't know when to rest!!!

I mean, DEAR JJ, we would ALL prefer you to get more rest so that you can always perform at your best and do a really good job at it, rather than KEEP WORKING YOUR ASS OFF such that you're forever sick and not able to perform well!

We used to hear you sing beautifully everytime you got on stage. Now all we, or I, feel is disappointment, and the worst thing about this is that other people who hear you sing terribly won't know it's because you've been working like mad until you're sick!


You keep getting sick and you're never able to perform at your best, so you always sound like crap and give others a bad impression! What's the point? We'd all rather you get enough rest so that you can always perform well. I wouldn't mind you having one less performance in Singapore if you used the time to SLEEP. And not feel guilty because of all the stuff you have to attend to. They're not important. Not as important as your freaking health.


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