Oct 11, 2008


Time now: 4.05 PM

Things I must finish before 5.30 PM:

1. Email and blacklist that stupid blogshop owner who scammed me of $20 (FUCKING CHEATERS, $20 LEH)
2. Edit, compile and send out 32 orders for Mimi Spree
3. Email all the Mimi spree customers about the status of the spree and rush those who haven't paid to pay up quickly
4. Inform all the people who bought from the JJS Spree that I'm cancelling it due to not-very-high response and ask those who paid for their account numbers so I can refund them
5. Post around 20 pictures on the Lj
6. Find a solution to my very runny nose 
7. Wash my face because it's damn oily
8. Inform all the people who bought from the Wiwi spree that their items have arrived and refund those whose items are out of stock

....And some people tell me they feel so bored during the holidays.

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