Oct 28, 2008

No mood to blog but.

No matter how frustrated and confused I am now, I mustttt blog about yesterday.

Baby planned everything, met me at my void deck at 10am. Then he took me to Khatib and we walked to Lower Seletar Reservoir. He wanted to sit by some rocks but we couldn't find a way in so we went to a "fishing jetty" instead. And there was this guy who looked in his 40s-50s riding a bicycle and he rode past us saying "Eh 你的 bag bag 很 cute orh!" (Referring to the bunny bag) Heh heh so cute right. Then later we sat down at some bench to eat sandwiches Baby made, and that guy called his teenage son/relative/friend ("Eh shuai ge, lai lai!") and told him "there got mei nu, you want me to introduce to you or not!"
Then the shuai ge said "Eh mei nu! This uncle said you very pretty, he wants your number!" Then the both of them kept accusing each other, hahaha daaaaaamn funny.

Then we saw a lot of dead fish and started getting really angry at irresponsible fishermen who make fishes get hooked onto their line and them throw the bleeding fishes back into the sea to bleed to death. So we took a bus to Bishan Park.

Shermin (although I really doubt you read my blog), remember during 2c1 chalet we tried to ride a couple bike and I was screaming like mad and made you really pissed? HAHA same thing happened! The bike didn't like me lor. I was screaming and the bicycle rental person kept staring at me because I was screaming and we hadn't even moved off from the place, and I kept screaming and asking Baby to let me ride my own bike instead and I pissed him off until he screamed "Aiyoh shut up and ride lah!" and some ang moh guy looked at us HAHAHA.

But later on it was fun (: 
And we went to this little park thingy, and they had this really cool thing I don't know how to describe so I'll draw it out:
This cool circle thing.
So I sat on it while he pushed, and then there were these two small kids with a mother watching us and the little girl went "Mummy, the kor kor very strong!"
And then when I was trying to climb the jungle gym thing (the pyramid made of ropes?) the girl went "Mummy, the jie jie climbing the triangle!"
Haha they were so cute.
And I kept screaming whenever I saw other cyclists, or even worse, somebody coming our way hahaha.

And I was wearing a long sleeved tee (Bought from Zara the day before. DAAAAAAMN IN LOVE WITH IT! Baby was wearing a PINK Zara tee, looked damn gay although it was from the men's section hahaha. Baby hates Zara because the men's section is so small :P) so I was sweating like mad.

So we went to AMK Hub and he took me to NEW YORK NEW YORK! Never been there before, DABOMB HAHAHA.
We ordered:
Soup: Clam Chowder
Appetizer: Some cheese fondue thing (!!!!)
Drink: Some blueberry white chocolate thing.

Ok the florida orange thing was super cool, they had tiny orange slices that were really sweet, oh and the ice cream that came with it was damn cool too. And Baby told me how spare ribs came about: Last time chefs would always cook the animal and throw the ribs away, then there was this very poor guy who took the ribs and cooked them over a fire, and this chef who threw away the ribs smelled it and went to see what it was. Ta-dah :D

Then we went to Jeast to take neoprints, AND OMG, 27 OCT WAS THEIR LAST DAY OF OPERATION! So we were kinda lucky in a way I guess. I think JEC's closing down. Even Kbox, the ice-skating rink and GV closed down alr. 
So there was only one machine in operation. And like there were these group of Indian kids (Not discriminating, it's just that they were in costumes because it was Deepavali) and they weren't taking neoprints, they were designing them, but they left all their shoes and bags in the photo-taking machine so we couldn't go in, so we just waited outside. Then another 3 people came and queued behind us.
We waited for super long. And after they took the neoprints for the second time, they went to design them, and they still left their stuff there until the neoprint person asked them to remove their stuff.
Yah and we had some really hilarious poses. We accientally got one where we were supposed to look like brides (they had the body templates for us so we just had to fit our head in) and Baby's body template had a TUBE BRIDAL GOWN HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Oh yah and Baby cut his hair and he thinks it's damn ugly. ):

Pictures will be uploaded into the Lj soon (:

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