Oct 10, 2008


1) As there will be post-exam activities on Monday, school will end early. Thus dance will start at 2.30PM on Monday. Whoever arrives after 2.30 will be considered LATE.
Please make sure you guys remember the Musical Evening dances (Ju Hua Tai and the baby thing). If you guys have forgotten, please make sure you learn from your fellow dancemantes before Dance starts. Don't make Laoshi angry by wasting time + we don't have many practices left.
We will be organising a few more Dance practices during the holidays before Musical Evening so try your best to keep your holidays free (i.e. don't go overseas etc.)

2) Everyone is supposed to sell a minimum of 3 tickets for Musical Evening. Each ticket is $15. We will be performing on the 2nd day together with Choir (Band will be performing on the 1st day). Bring $45 on Monday for the tickets. If you are selling more than 3 tickets, bring $15 X (number of tickets you are selling).

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