Aug 31, 2008

I'm mad

- (8) JT Xiuwen    says (9:52 PM):
and dont tell k
pete says (9:52 PM):
im gonna tell
- (8) JT Xiuwen   says (9:52 PM):
pete says (9:52 PM):
- (8) JT Xiuwen   says (9:53 PM):
pete says (9:53 PM):
ok fine i wont
- (8) JT Xiuwen     says (9:53 PM):
haha yay 
pete says (9:54 PM):
haha but!! you have to tell ALLL your hot sing girls im like super hot
i am
they'll fall for me

So I have to make a little announcement here so that Peter won't disclose my secret.
Peter is like super hot.

Friendster profile:
Go send him a message if you think he's like super hot.

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