Nov 11, 2007


after badminton, sumay chuenwee mark & i sat at the back of my dad’s car, super cramped up but chuenwee kept insisting on wearing the safety belt but mark didn’t want him too because it was already so cramp.
and omg they can shout REALLY loud.

sumay and i siann-ed a hell lot and we chatted with jt and.. PLAYED NEOPETS :D WAS SUPER FUN OKAY. we screamed a lot while playing Hasee Bounce! so fun. :D
and karen the pro scored 174 points!
and then sarah arrived and said “you guys are crazy!” :(
pasta for dinner.
and my brother was doing the rubix cube the whole time. he's crazy lah, he did it in 1 minute plus. (sorry i couldn't speed it up, i can't edit it in movie maker because it's in quicktime format :P)

i found my dance mat and we started jumping on the mat like siao. then we decided to use the controllers instead because the mat was a bit sot. XD
and NOBODY COULD BEAT ME! WAHAHA. karen the pro :D
and sumay was addicted to that supercalifragilisticespielliedocious (or however you spell it haha) song because she just couldn’t master it. and she just kept playing it again and again. omg, the song’s so irritating lah.

then mark and chuenwee wanted to play their own playstation games so sumay sarah and i went back to the comp again. :D

and then sarah signed in to neopets. -.-!!!
sianned a lot with jt, and jt and i were talking about how many times we’ll think of each other until tuesday (when we meet again) and sumay said “since when did our karen become like that! nevermind! come, sarah, i shall act lesbian with you also! XD”
...and then they went home at around 9.45. :)
and we took a super last-minute picture together. AND ZOMG I LOOK SO FREAKING RETARDED!!!! GAHHH!

nvm. i shall wait until christmas when the three of us meet again! and i’ll make sure the photo will be nice. :D

and it's raining like crazy now.
view from my living room window on a normal day:
view now:

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