Nov 20, 2007


tried to get up in the morning and realised i couldn't move. AT ALL.
stupid muscles were aching everywhere. i couldn't lift my leg, raise my hand, raise/turn my neck, the only thing i could shift was my butt.
and i practically bathed in yoko yoko. and then i washed it all off again because i knew sumay wouldn't be able to stand the smell. (SEE SUMAY I'M SUCH A FREAKING NICE FRIEND LEHHH! ;D)
mark and i reached sumay's place at about 8.30. the first thing sumay shouted when she saw us was "You see la mummy! i could actually sleep for another 20 minutes leh! >.<
spent 2 hours reading Jeffery Archer's book while sumay did her homework.
and mark wanted to create a Club Penguin account so we tried all sorts of nicknames like SpiderPig and MARKISSEXY but they were all taken O.o and sumay randomly typed Markadoodle THEN IT WAS AVAILABLE LEH! and mark started cursing like siao. XD
then we watched jj's HURRAY YI QI YAO MV (will upload link here soon!), chatted a bit with jt and played audition with her!
and mark chuenwee and longyin kept singing the Deal Or No Deal "there is nothing quite as beautiful as money" song. o.o

mark chuenwee longyin sumay and i went to GV Vivocity to watch The Game Plan.
AND I SAW DEENA JOLIN AUDREY PUITING AND ESTHER!! (hope i didn't leave anyone out o.o) and they were watching the same show in the same theater too! :D
AND THEY SHOWED JJ'S FA XIAN AI ADVERT IN THE CINEMA!!! and later jolin told me that the 5 of them started searching for me when they heard jj's voice. XD i went hyper. i really wanted to scream okay! stupid sumay asked me to "shut up lah, you wanna die ah?!"
The Game Plan was.. okayyyy lah. and i still really really wished i learnt ballet when i was younger. and piano. :( but too late to regret now anyway.
saw a really cute sign. :P
the adults ate at food republic.
we fa dai-ed while waiting for them to finish.
AND THEN WE KIDS ATE AT SUPERDOG! :D (and i've got a sore throat still want to eat superdog. tomorrow's vocal course die already lah!)

and i sneezed until i felt like throwing up. woohoo!

and my appeal didn't make it. ohwell, i shall make the best of my fate :) AND I REALLY HOPE I GET MR M FOR LIT!!!

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