Nov 21, 2007

the fun in sianning.

jt reached at 11. and we played runescape until lunch.
and then after lunch we played audition! one of us press the keys, the other press the space bar. XD

and then we turned to the piano at around 1.45. and at around 2 we started feeling so sian so we sort of sat on the piano chair and "slept" all the way until 4.17 when jt's phone rang. haha.
it's possible to have a great conversation in total silence. :)
and it would have seemed like such a boring 2 hours to most people, but to us it wasn't boring at all ;D
and after that jt suggested that we actually talk, but both of us said nothing at all. and we fa dai-ed all the way until 4.35.
we arrived at OB 1 hour early, at 5.30, when the 4 of us were supposed to meet at 6.
and we thought we were the earliest but we were wrong. maddie super early can!
and she played pokemon while we waited for the class to start.
she was singing along to the tune. and we stared at her and she said "very cute what!"

OB LESSON WAS FUN! although we didn't sing or anything.
which was quite a relief actually, because i had sore throat, jt's mouth was injured (kena-ed by a crab claw o.o), maddie's braces were hurting her and janice had two ulcers. LOL!
wu jiaming is funny!!!!!
really funny. :)
and then we took pictures at the 1st floor OB toilet.

the first two pics were taken by putting the camera on the ledge thingy above the toilet bowl. and someone wanted to go into the toilet and realised the 4 of us were posing and smiling at the cubicle and then she looked into the cubicle and went 'oh!' XD WE LOOKED LIKE RETARDS OKAY!

at that moment, my brain was swirling, but all i could think was "i love you, i really do."
i don't know why, but at that moment, i felt like crying.
and it still seems like a dream to me.

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