Oct 25, 2006

- Drizzling when i left school, didn't think i'd need to borrow jiayi's umbrella
- Downpour when i reached boon lay mrt station =.=
- No umbrella cos didn't borrow from jiayi. shouldn't have underestimated the rain :(
- Decided to take bus home since no umbrella (duh lah)
- Just missed 243 bus. JUST. so had to stand down there and wait and i was carrying a super heac]vy slingbag, paper bag consisting of 2 DICTIONARIES and 2 files and alot of books, AND a tablet.
- got off at 2nd bus stop- no covered walkway to my house!!! :S
- called my mum in desperation and she said she'd call for maid to bring umbrella to the bus stop
- hands were dying so i put the paper bag down on A PUDDLE OF WATER
- so obviously the base of the paper bag got soft and tore apart and i didn't know so when i lifted up the bag everything fell into the puddle of water =.=
- my chinese dictionary is now SOAKED. (but nadine says "aiya dont care lah i mean it's a chinese dictionary." XD)
- my maid arrived like centuries later
- she had 2 umbrellas, one for her and one for me
- when she opened my umbrella she found that THE UMBRELLA WAS SPOILT.
oh yeah and i was sleeping on the mrt and this malay lady woke me up :)
so far 4 pple had to wake me up on mrt: this chinese guy, 2 malay ladies and one chinese lady. super malu can XD

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