Oct 26, 2006

*~~[[ last day of school ]]~~*
its so weird, because the year seems to have passed by so soon, i can still remember so many things that happened during the first few months in crescent, yet some things felt like they have lasted forever...
the first thing i said to:
Nadine: asked her who her fave singer was (and she said jj!! and i couldnt believe my ears and i was like "huh can u say again?!" lols
Yimei: "um.. can i sit here?" lol on the first day i was SO QUIET.
Jiayi: "jiayi!" (cos we were both from 1g3 transfer to 1c1 and we both didnt noe where to go. she went "oh, you're also going to 1c1?" then we got lost somewhere in futura block trying to find our way to c1 classroom XD
Janeen: "i also dunno! *giggle*", when she asked me how to do one of the exercises we had to do during the track trials janeen, nade and i signed up for on 28 dec.
first impression of:
Nadine: *i bet she's a rich gal from RGPS. she looks like she knows ballet. she dosen't look like she can run* (i was wrong! she CAN run. but other than that my guess is so good right?!)
Yimei: *she's so quiet.*
Vana: *omg she's so pretty thank god jiayi's sitting beside her if i were sitting beside her i'd be feeling so ugly next to her* (i bet everyone agrees :D)
Gladys: *is she a sec 2 who didn't get promoted?! she dosent look sec 1!"
Janeen: *so cute. her hair very nice. and she looks like a very quiet gal* (BOY WAS I WRONG)
Other Stuff:
- jiayi has a very common face and somehow i couldn't recognise her face during the first few weeks of school so whenever she went "hi karen" i'd go "err hi" and i'd be thinking *omg do i even know her?! so freaky* lol. jiayi's gonna hate me for life after this post.
- when jiayi and i FINALLY found the ceeone classroom and mr __ showed us in i was like *whose grandfather is that?!* and no that wasn't sarcastic even!!!
- before amanda khoo thinned and layered her hair, it was still very cutecute and i feel that without her specs she would have looked abit like felicia chin leh.
- when i was still with 1g3 the first thing miss karen tan said was "if you got any older siblings in the school they'd have told you nightmares about me." i was like *wth* but later on i found her quite funny leh.
- i told my cousins, ex-crescentians shu en and shu hui, the name of my 1g3 form teacher, and they were like "ohmigod her?! karen you're damn suay she's super fierce she'll totally kill you man. confirm get alot of demerits one" then my mum said "ey say nicer things lah, poor gal just started sch leh" then they went "oh. em" then shu en went "she's very pretty". and then there was a very long pause. O_olll LOL
- there was once ms zhang told us to intro ourselves in chinese and when i said "wo hen xi huan lin junjie" two people stood up and screamed- hannah and qiqi!! :D
There are so many things i still remember about the first few months in crescent, how sec 1s were so easily distinguished among the rest cos of the long long skirts, until we found out about how to fold skirts. and how we irritated the npcc seniors and ella and nadee so badly cos we were too shy to cheer.
yet there are so many things that seem to have lasted forever- like the friendship i share with my classmates. can you believe we've only known each other for abt 10 months?! yet out of these 10 months we can make very very good friends, form cliques, and still got time to have friendship probs and patch up lol.
in my opinion, 10 months may seem like a very short period of time in a few ways, but in others it may seem very very very long.
nade.. im really sorry for you.. don wori you'll get your tablet back!

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