Oct 31, 2006

and that jacky wu asked him when was his most memorable birthday then he say he was "dumped" by his girlfriend on his bday.. aww.. i mean i've read the article abt it before but hearing him say it is so diff.. he must be so hurt la..
and this other guy said, cos his bday is jan 3, so he and his frens go drink 103 cans of coke then take picture HAHAHAHAHA
then the guests were supposed to guess which pair of gals are sisters then they all choose those that look the most alike then jj chose the one he felt look the least alike cos he said he looks very diff from his bro and i realised it's quite true cos me and my bro look totally diff.. earlobes eyelids everyting oso different.. and he looks exactly like my dad when he was younger, i look exactly like my mum when she was younger lol so wierd right
oh yea and just now when i was at pioneer mall there was this small gal with her mother then the gal said in chinese "i want to go to the bookshop" then the mother pull her hair and drag her around then say "say again? you want to go where ah?" then the gal was wailing "don't want liao don't want liao" then the mother pull her hair and drag her away. like ouch. poor gal..

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