Oct 31, 2006

i cant believe what i did today
i wore a mini skirt to jurong point!
and i mean it's really short, like, around pe shorts length?? around there lah. and i bought it 2 yrs ago in australia and it was already quite short then.
plus i've got super fat legs!
cos i wanted to go jurong point to go look for the Ling Ting Shi Jie cd and a pocket file for all my newspaper cutouts :D and keychains and junk food (that would make me even fatter?!)
then my beloved khaki shorts were in the wash and couldnt find all my three-quarters and i felt jeans were abit too kua zhang to go jurong point XD so i had no choice but to wear this lor.
then i went jurong point only managed to find the file.
so i went to pioneer mall to buy all the junk food <333>
but i didn't manag to find the cd and any nice keychains.
and i was feeling damn malu when i was wearing that stupid skirt then later i saw 2 other gals arnd 13 or 14 yrs old wearing mini skirts oso and their legs weren't exactly very skinny then i felt so much better.
and i realised, it dosent matter whether u look good in something, it matters more whether u feel comfortable in it :D
well that's how it is here anyway. in orchard, hmm.. XD
but anyhow,
i still resolve not to wear skirts shorter than sch skirt length until my legs grow longer and skinnier!!!

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