Oct 20, 2006

aah. RASHES!! for the first time in my life! lol. so now im getting fever, runny nose, sore throat and rashes all at once. like three not enough must add one more ah. tsk.
im thinking of adding one more blog song.. so that everyone who views my blog (not that there are alot la) will have 2 choices of songs to listen to.. maybe jj's dou jiang you tiao? too bad radioblogclub.com dosent have sarang heyo.. love that song.. ok i like it mainly cos of the concert and qianminghui but yea.
oh and i rmb sometime this month there were onli jovina, yeeshan, sam and i in class then yeesham ask me to play jj's hui you na me yi tian then i played it, then yeeshan and jovina were singing along then sam was like "ey shh i want to hear lah" then later sam said jj's voice very nice. YAY
and another time sports heats that time (term 2?) then only like 1/2 of the class were in class so ms zhang played a few chinese songs on her com since no point in teaching mah. then she played jj's jiang nan & yi qian nian yi hou then a few of the gals in class were singing along.. omg i felt like so good lah

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