Oct 19, 2006

60 pushups, 30 crunches, 20 superman thingies, and 1 blister during dance?!
had to do pencil turn dunno how many thousand times barefoot on the hall floor nearly died in pain. now my poor foot kena blister. tsk. see how much i sacrifice for musical nite man.
reason #1: i was having a gd chat with mi cousin peter, he has never gone online for so long b4 lol, then ceeone dancers aka nade melia sher blabla were begging for me to go tanglin mall with them for lunch. then i really didnt want to stop my conversation + abandon my beloved tablet but i went anyway. and my mum sounded super pissed when i asked her. then we went kopitiam and i din noe wat to buy and so bought a smoothie cos i thought it wud be filling and it wasn't. and it cost like $3 and i overspent today's allowance. so, by giving in to my frens and going to tanglin mall, i 1) was unable to save any money today, 2) had to stop convo with peter and 3) pissed my mum. i knew i shouldn't have gone. ceeone dancers, happy now?
rewason #2: I MISSED THE FIRST 20 MINS OF THE FUNNIEST EPI OF GOONG!!! cos actually dance ended at 5.50 then i can go back in time but sher wanted me to go with her to 7-11 then go until 6.40 so couldnt make it home on time. and missed the part she tortured that cushion of the prince thingy!!!!!SHERMIN AH!!! and i was supposed to record for rachel oso lorh. and no repeat!!!!!!!

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