Mar 26, 2006

i've got jj's jc and kindergarten photo! but i can't tell who he is in the kindergarten one. :(
jj used to hate maths! yay!
jj once mispronounced his name as "lin jin jue" during a self- intro. so embarrasing man.
jj has a wierd habit of smelling stuff, just like so many of us. haha
Once jj held a concert in the rain. aiyoh.
jj hates flying bugs. heh
and his dog is apparently very clever.
i'll keep you guys updated, even if you're not interested.

Mar 25, 2006

everyone! go see all these videos!
jj- shu neng sheng qiao (the cutest among all! and shows him as a fan himself, finally):
jj-yuan lai (the one where he boxes somebody and is supposed to portrait that woman):
jj-bo jian dai (he dances):
jj-jin hua lun (he also dances):
jj- the vid where he's supposed to kiss the pic of hebe:
jj-cao cao (nice!)
jj-ni yao de bu shi wo (not really nice leh):
For other videos of jj, just go to and search for JJ or JJ Lin or Lin Jun Jie or JJ lin jun jie or stuff (you get my point).
mayday- the vid where ah xin is being tricked (the ruhua one):
nooo! i can't find it! i'll tell you when i do.
-that crazy jj fan-
yesterday's visit to jwps so fun! though i came at 5 to 5.15, too late and i missed the wonderful (<33333)> performance. i got to see ray and shalu and lihui and 3 of the choir girls and wanying and sueng and marilyn. and we went to see mdm long (who's from crescent, by the way, so she's my senior!), who complained to me about how my bro cut her queue at this kopitiam at IMM (haha), and mrs foo, and mdm pua, who was practically crying to me about how my bro wrote crap on his compo and got 4/20. when translated into english this is how the middle part of his compo went: "There were people talking, there were people reading, and there were people playing. About 50 people were talking, about 30 people were reading, blah blah blah." and we have done the compo before-- title is "When the teacher was not in the class" or "当老师不在课室里时". and mdm pua was like "why you never let him copy your work? see lah u now i got white hair already!" U KNOW IM SO EMBARRASED?! EVERYTIME I GO BACK TO JWPS TEACHERS COMPLAIN TO ME ABOUT MY BROTHER! and somehow i'm popular in jwps or something. my bro says once he was waking in school and someone went "Oh look karen's brother." uhh, im flattered?! and marilyn and sueng and wanying and i stayed there till 7 playing hopscotch. brings back so many wonderful memories.. siiiigh.

Mar 24, 2006

Ok so i haven't posted for quite a long time. had sports day today. so fun but now im having a terrible sore throat. i love the "Watch out houses, perpare for the fight" cheer and the "Once upon a time in a land far away we huffed and we puffed and we blew you away" one. so nice! and yimei says she is so happy and she never knew how loud she could scream until now. haha. horray for chrissy and felicia and felissa! gosh. mr ho was in the stupid teachers race.. hannah taped it down with her phone. and i never knew that miss zhang jing was in pankhurst! yay! go panky!
im at yimei's house now. we went to the staircase area to burn paper again. haha. and screamed a lot. and silvana was so freaked out because her paper burned a LOT. she started screaming and throwing ash all over the place and everything, until yimei threw this plastic cover thingy on the paper and the fire disappered. haha. so we spent quite some time clearing everything up.
im supposed to be going for the freaking swimming class but im NOT cos im going back to jwps! prize- giving day! but so far out of the 9 people i called only 1 said she was most probably going. -_- but im actually going there to support hafizah. top girl leh! i chatted with her a fre days ago and she started wailing on and on about how stressful nus high is. hmm. she said the maths they do is really tough and she gave me an example and i was like, drooling already lah. but its school of MATHS and SCIENCE mah. hehe.
i HATE THE SEC SCHOOL LIFE! surrounded be girls, most of which are rich and have everything. no nadine, you are not one of them, don't worry. but i really really miss pri school life! i miss the guys there! aaah...
Nadine is just talking about how this teacher mrs SEET from her primary school made them pronounce her name verrry properly and how she saw a teacher in cold storage. XD

Mar 14, 2006

Today inez was watching this cartoon show or stg lyk dat when the narrator went "MRS LAMB IS HAVING A BABY! cONGRATULATIONS MRS LAMB!" u noe hw freaky that sounds? i wonder what yingyan would say to me if she heard this...
today we were supposed to go ice-skating but because of the hand-foot-mouth disease we went to watch nanny mcphee instead. quite funny lah. still prefer i not stupid too XDXDXD
ooh later my mum going shopping. going with her and yvonne. we are going to do NEOPRINTS! i havent done a single neoprint since i was six years old. unbelievable right? sian ah!
tmw going back to singapore. on thursday rachel and i are going to spend the whole day at teressa's house! cant wait for thursday!
GOSH i havent done any homework yet! dunnoe how to do the maths hw! i need yimei's hhelp! maths pro ah!
eh sry ah nadine i never mention you in my blog.
actually i really must thank nadine cos if it werent for her i wouldnt have this blog. nadine helped me a lot leh.
eh you poor ppl had to go for the speech thingy. so how did it go? im so happy cos i get to miss one session! muahahahaha. I cant stand ppl trying to get us to speak gd english u noe. Singlish is an ART! it's what makes Singapore unique u noe.
i cant wait to get the neoprints done!!!!!

Mar 13, 2006

hey. nw in ian's hse using his laptop. haha.
u noe that schnee shnaw shnuppi song? come on lah i think everyone knows it. u noe ah, that time during msp mdm chua ws out of the rm, then hannah and i took qiqi's phone and started listening to dou jiang you tiao real loud and qiqi kept singing "schnee shnaw shnuppi, shnuppi shnuppi shnuppi" so as to irritate us, and then in the middle of dou jiang you tiao MDM CHUA WALKED IN! and i was holding th phone and I HAD NO IDEA HOW TO SWITCH IT OFF! so i was almost screaming for qiqi while i tried my best to cover the speakers, but ppl around me were already giving me looks like "eh, better watch out arh." then qiqi rushed over and shouted "SCHNEE SHNAW SHNUPPI!" ( to drown the music while she switched it off) and then hannah and i got the hint and practically screamed "SHNUPPI SHNUPPI SHNUPPI!" so funny.. haha.
so last sat i had piano theory exam (grade 2) and after that we went to msia. but had to wait for like more than 1 hr for my dad cos he was studk in a jam in the CARPARK. so stupid lah! so yeah we arrived at seremban kinda later than expected. then on sun yvonne and inez (my cousins) and i went swimming for like 3 and a half hours. so shuang man! (by the way, that's not my record. my record is 6 and a half hours with sarah, a long long time ago at sentosa. remember, sarah? the time we played with the floats and stayed in the pool till 10) and cos i went for swimming class on fri as well (okay so I FORGOT HOW TO SWIM! NOW YOU KNOW! HAPPY?!) now i sorta blend in with my hair colour. yimei will definitely get a shock when she sees me next week XD.
and today yvonne and inez had pianol lessons for 3 hrs so i spent the whole time reading my 2 mags (one Y.Generation one with jj's cute pic on the front cover ^ ^ and another i weekly one with the xiao yuan superstars on the front cover) and listening to music and reading the order of the pheonix. heh. then after their lesson yvonne and i went shopping for 6 and a half hours (from 1 to 6.30) and i spent over a hundred ringgit (my mum's $$ .. hehe) buying these 3 wonderful wonderful pants and a cute cute shoe keychain which i hung on my converse bag. so now yea im at ian 's hse using his dad's laptop loh.
eh i haven do any hw yet leh.. math so damn hard lah! any1 have and idea how to do? i only managed to solve one problem leh. and yimei blur blur took my lit ws. stupid lah. fri going to nadine's hse again. go burn more paper (for hist proj lah. see previous entry). weehoo

Mar 6, 2006

ok this is the 3rd time im posting in a day. heck lah.
so yeah just nw nadine and i were downstairs burning paper. XD
history proj lah. nadine came up with this wonderful way of "decorating" the paper - which was to burn it slightly at the sided so it becomes really nice and old-pirate-whatever-thingyish. bt really nice lah. so we made this big mistake and started doing it over a candle ON THEIR PLASTIC TABLE. and then we decided to stop for a while and realised that the whole table was covered in wax. XD hard time making it come off. and we tried wirping the table with salt and dishwasher liquid and water and even that nice-smelling air freshener. wu liao. XD so later we did it outside the house (yeah in case you dunnoe nadine lives in a semi-D. you qian ren woh!) and now the floor outside the house is full of ashes cos we didnt clean it up. XD (i realise i keep using XD. haha.)
i hate doing hist proj. so boring. yawn.
i know this is the 2nd time of the day im posting an entry. haha.
ive only got $17.stg left in my piggy bank. i get $5 a day. im supposed to save $2 a day so i can save up enough money to go to jj's concert in june. so im left with $3 a day. and i have to save more than $2 if i want to buy cds, keychains, pressies for angels and other ppl, etc. so that's less than $3 a day. and i stay back till 6.30 (around there) on mon for dance, 4.30 on tues for that stupid eng speech pronunciation thingy rubbish, 5 on wed for music SP, 6.15 on thu for chinese dance, and 5.45 on fri for swimming thingy. ppl at crescent know how hard it is to only spend less than $3 a day. T_T
ive tried to think up ways to save more money/ make more money. but all are impossible (1. get a job. parents will laugh in my face & anyway no time 2. make my parents give me $1 everytime i get 85% for tests, but that's almost impossible, considering how i got 12/20 for maths, 55/100 for chin, and 76/100 for sci, and anyway like my parents will not be so stupid, an 3. and 4. and 5. and blah) so i jie guo hai shi yi yang broke.
okay i know its been like 3 mths since i last updated my blog... i actually wanted to abandon it cos my dad found out but now im at nadine's house and i just realised that i could use other ppl's coms to update my blogs... so i might not be posting many entries in here till i get my tablet bah.
~whats been going on in my life so far~
-jj's album released! cao cao rox! woot! then later i got 12/20 for my maths test so my mum punished me by saying that i couldnt listen to music/ use the com for a WEEK. *gasp* so i was a very guai person and stuck to her punishment. :) and NOW i got 55/100 for my chinese test and i dunno how my mum's gonna punish me... i think ill show her the paper on tuesday so if she uses that no-music-for-a-week punishment again i still get to watch xixao yuan superstar today. yay. today is the guys competition so I CANT MISS IT!
omg omg omg I LOVE YIYUAN~~
okay so nadine is right bside me and she says i cant use omg but use "what a display". haha. this sick joke that mrs neo made. heck her lah.
okay ANYWAY. but im going to msia on sat- sun and ill be stuck with 6 of my idiot guy cousins (ian, ivan, issac, mark-okay hes my bro but ill still be stuck with him anyway-, and possibly, nick and ethan) and 2 girl cousins (yvonne and inez). inez hangs out with the GUYS more cos she cant stand yvonne cos they're sisters. bt i hang out with yvonne more cos we, uh, "click" more. she is guy-crazy and music-crazy and hp-crazy like me. ^.^ ya so if i show the ppr to my mum on tues and she gives me that stupid punishment again then i cant listen to music the whole time im in msia! ILL BE BORED TO DEATH! *whine*
aiyah lets talk abt st else. umm... OHYA. did any1 watch yu le bai fen bai ( ch U, weekdays 5pm-6pm) on 15 feb? omg (what a display) JJ AND XIAO XIAO (thats her real name by the way- shes also a singer) WERE ON YU LE BAI FEN BAI FOR THE WHOLE SHOW!! CANT BELIEVE I 4GOT TO TAPE IT DOWN! OH! THE AGONY! THE SORROW! (okay i know thats a little kua zhang) i caught jj on yu le bai fen bai 3 times, once when they were talking abt Stella (huang xiang yi, this sg singer) opening a cake shop and jj buying 88 cakes from there. 2nd time was when he was talking abt the filming of Yuan Lai (from cao cao, tracck no 5) where he was supposed to be pretending to portrait this mude woman (i think it was Xiao Xiao as well), but how she was actually wearing clothes facing him (that means the back is bare where they film lah), and there was this thingy meant to bllock him so he couldnt even see her shoulder. and how he had very very little sleep. AND THEN HE SHANG CHANG AS A GUEST ON BAI FEN BAI! i was screaming like mad okay! so yeah the 3rd time was when he was doing this yan chang hui in taiwan and he lighted firecrackers for the 1st time in his life (cos in sg its banned mah), and ended up burning his clothes, his hand, and some of the bags and cds the fans put below the stage.
ok i know you all are pretty bored listening to me go on and on abt jj. (okay, it should be Reading abt me typing on and on abt jj, but heck care lah) soo...
Crescent ROX! yay. i <333 nadine and yimei and amelia and ling ling and hannah and blah blah blah. and dance rox! well, modern dance anyway. chinese dance is a bit ERMS. and yiki and jiahui ( my two angels) rock! yay! and i love com studies! blah...
oh ya. today is a half day cos the sec 4s did really really well for o'levels. um.. 48.6% of them actually got at least 6 distinctions, and the av. score is now 10.stg, and top girl got 9 A1s and1 A2. so the principal was so so so :D that she declared monday a half day. yay. but u know whats so stupid? (ok you dont but heck lah) ON mondays we have pe with MR SAMAT(*gasp! choke!*) from 7.45 till 8.55, then D&T (with Lao Kok Kok mr ho.. O_o) till 10.40, then recess, then art (with ms ong.. DANIEL ONG'S SISTER!!) for 2h then maths(with mrs ong-eeh- or miss goh-nicer-) for 1/2 hr. so we still get pe and a little of d & t, which is soo sucko. today for pe we had to sprint 440 m for 2 rounds. gosh. 1st timing was 2.05 mins, second timing 1.57. (nadine beat me by 2 secs for both. humph.) damn tiring sia! and now im stinky and sweaty and ERMSish. d&t didnt do a lot cos mr ho spent most of the time trying to make announcements and shutting us up. wooh.
ok i think i typed quite a lot liao (okay, its A LOT) so for those of you who have actually read till here, congrats and thanks for putting up with my nonsense. (okay i know i stole nadine's line. sorry nadine.)