May 3, 2015

a love letter

can I see myself as beautiful? can I see myself the way I see others, the way I know God sees others?

can I believe that a beautiful future is possible? that something incredible lies ahead, something that would make an incredible story that will leave me bursting at the seams with gratitude-

Beautiful things can happen to me too. You can be beautiful, Karen. Do you believe it? That your future could be beautiful? That He can make beautiful things happen for you? Karen your life will be beautiful please believe it

there is no reason to be sad when others are experiencing beautiful things, because your time will come; life is long; He can make beautiful things happen for you and they will be pure and lovely and mature and calm. Patience and prayer, dear girl, there's no need to pour out ugliness because that's not who you are. Please be patient and keep your heart covered, you are precious and you need to treat yourself as such. Sit under God's shadow and He will show you beautiful things. You are beautiful under all those layers of muck, let Him peel them off for you.

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