Jun 13, 2014


In ten minutes, write a piece that starts with "She loved his lying".

She loved his lying. She looked forward to the lunch breaks, the ‘ping’ as she walked through the doors, his cheerful compliments. “Hey, Kare Bear,” he said today. “Look at that dress, you hot shit.” She smiled a little too widely. He always called her Kare Bear. Anyone else who tried to call her anything other than Karen would’ve gotten a cold hard stare in response, let alone Kare Bear, but this one was cute. Just this one.

“Okay, so is it a BLT or a Cold Cut Trio today?” he looked up, a six-inch Honey Oat bun already in his hand.

She knew it was just customer service. Compliments and light chats never cost anything, and it got people coming back. Well, it got her coming back. Everyone else just thought she liked Subway. She couldn’t tell them. Who would be desperate enough to cling on to an acquaintance who said nice things to you just for your money?

“How about tuna today,” she said.

“I’ll give you a free drink if you’ll do your hair like this again next time. Damn, I’m a sucker for ponytails.”

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