May 8, 2014

the imperative to record

My memory is crap, and I usually feel like I have to record down everything that happens, whether it made me happy or it was a painful experience, as long as it was significant. But I don't know. There are things I don't feel like recording anymore. Things that I'd rather put somewhere beside or behind me, quietly acknowledge somewhere inside me that it happened but just move on like it didn't. Things that I might need to keep in mind for the future, too, or just really good encouraging reminders. I don't feel like writing it down because I don't want to have to conjure it all back up; it isn't pleasant. Or sometimes because I'm lazy (it can take so long, okay.) But I know if I don't record it I'll forget it, and so it won't always be beside or behind me, a place where I can find it again. Am I being irresponsible to myself?

In my attempt to store but laziness to store properly I end up putting everything in bits and pieces all over the place - three different journals, how many blogs, my phone - and blah. It's all scattered and disorganised.

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