Mar 19, 2014

of letters and strings

oh words, shall i find myself in you? will you let me find my strength in your beauty again? i remember when just seeing the words arranged prettily made the burdens fly away. words, will you envelop me again? the tides never stay high; when the sand bares its jagged edges, will you comfort? will you make up for the tide, words? can i hold your hand, words? can i find an eternal comfort in you, words?

it is so much easier to attempt to fill the hole with something right in front of your eyes, something inanimate that you can hold in your hands, that will never love you back, so that it will never have to, eh? But no, because God; I have been running to all these things, and God, I am so fickle.


Anonymous said...

God gave us Fear and Faith in equal measure as one is incomplete without the other. For Fear without Faith is despondence and Faith without Fear is meaningless. There's nothing wrong with having a fear of replacing God with other worldly things, one simply has to recognise it and develop a healthy attitude towards it.

I believe in all things God places us equidistant from Yetzer Hara and Yetzer Hatov, and lets us choose which way we want to go. You are always more powerful than you think you are. We are all equally capable at all times of choosing for ourselves our own direction in life. Don't ever feel like you are predisposed to fickleness and don't have that choice.

Hannah Karen Ho said...

Definitely. It's just, I always seem to burrow deeper into the ground trying to find all my security in people and things, and God's been so gracious and I need to find my sufficiency in Him instead. Thank you :)