Mar 15, 2014

Best Friday

firstly because The Wallets performed The Chandler's Wife, an incredibly fun Irish song, in light of St. Patrick's Day!

OMG SO FUN. My thumb was swollen after the performance, but it was so worth it. This Friday lunchtime performance was actually because Master Chun (along with other people from Yale) was joining us for lunch, so Charlotte Janel Carissa and I also sang a Korean song for him, as a follow-up to our crazy Wondergirls stint in Yale.

And because it was Kevin's birthday! A few of us took him out on Thursday night to a Japanese dinner at Clarke Quay, and had him drive us there and back, which was all an elaborate plan to make sure he wouldn't check his phone while we posted on the school's Facebook page to get everyone to go up to the common lounge to surprise him. So at midnight we arrived back in school and when we got out of the lift I tapped into the common lounge and Kevin was like "wait what?" and a whole bunch of people were there to sing him happy birthday, yay!

And then I told him that as a birthday gift, almost half the Yale-NUS student body and more had come together to do a video expressing our love for him, but love wasn't easy to get, so he had to work for it by singing for us at the lunchtime performance. He was to sing Everything by Michael Bublé, but he didn't know that it was because we were singing the song to him in the video in return too :) Here's the birthday video and his performance!

Putting the birthday video together was incredibly fun too, allocating people lines and watching them go crazy with it. (I must say I think I was quite good at matching the lines to the specific people.) And going to his house with Ximin to film his family and all. Hehe fun projects.

K on to my Philosophy essay

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