Jun 19, 2011

1. 15 facts about myself (or rather, truths?)

A fact and a truth aren't really the same thing. Can I post truths too? They're more interesting.

1. I actually took up ballet classes when I was 6 and quit a year after. They never actually really did ballet anyway. I only remember jumping around to beats. And seeing a male ballet dancer. SEXY TTM. I remember that man, he was in black, doing ballet. I've always thought male ballet dancers were manly and hot, never feminine. If you do it right it's really hot.

2. I love musicals and concerts. Okay the only big real musicals I've watched were Chicago with the AC dancers (amazing, amazing) and The Lion King (seriously beautiful). But I'm a lucky kid whose parents have showered me with a lot of exposure to the arts in little performances and plays and concerts!!! Esplanade, Singapore Indoor Stadium... I love performances.

3. The first time I wore a tank top was in Sec 2. Before that it was solely tees and jeans.

4. My orthodontic journey began when I was around 10 when I had to put retainers because my teeth were too crooked for braces (IKR?)! Braces for three years from P6 to Sec 3, and retainers forever - I just wore them again today for the first time in months, and it HURT SO BAD.

5. Before I fell in love with JJ thanks to my primary schoolmates Rachel and Teressa, I was an Avril Lavigne fan.

6. My kindergarten centre was NUS Faculty Club Childcare Centre. Awesome place, bigggg with playgrounds and we got to go for outings and make noodles and draw clouds and other amazing things. Apparently it's very expensive now. I do have a lot of memories from that place. There was the person you'd call the 'gang leader', she was pretty and everyone followed her, but she shunned anyone who was different: a dark-skinned girl called Joan and a girl with specs called Rachel Ho. I always tried to play with them a bit before the leader came along. The one day the 'leader' wasn't around, everyone was mixing around with everyone, which delighted me. I asked her 'apprentice', the one who was always closest to the leader, why she was playing with them and she said 'it's okay, she's not around now'.

7. I'm still using the kiddy POSB savings account, the one with the baby pink bankbook with rainbows and bears on it HAHAHA DANG THIS IS BECOMING A SECRET-REVEALING SESSION! Dad refused to let me change to the normal one and let me get a bank card 'cos I'll spend it all in a matter of days. But I'm 18 now yay so I have to go get it changed.

8. I've been in one relationship. It lasted a year and nine months.

9. I'm an introvert. INFP, yeah the whole world knows, but not many expect me to be an I.

10. The kind of movies I love: thriller-centered action, suspense, sci-fi. Inception, Black Swan, Legion, I Am Legend, The Day After Tomorrow (OH AND HARRY POTTER WHO DOESN'T LOVE HARRY POTTER) - things that get your heart pounding, things that get you thinking.

11. In the past two years, I've really only liked one guy. Thank goodness all that ended long ago, and we're friends yay. (oops awkward sorry if you see this don't feel awkward!!)

12. I haven't had a birthday party / celebration since I was in primary school. Doesn't matter lah. Just so happens that my birthday always falls on/near the mid-years or something.

13. If God hadn't placed Guin in my life, if not for Crescent Dance and the chance it gave me at leadership, with space to fall and make mistakes (but not without its tough times - the tough times I went through trying to be accepted and respected as discipline mistress, while knowing they were bitching about me behind my back) where I grew tremendously, I would never have considered anything like Council. Or even OG Rep and Class Rep.

14. I actually consider myself pretty socially inept. I look back at my previous photos' captions and the way I commented on them and my blog posts and my responses to certain things and I think to myself 'wth...if I weren't myself I'd think I'm some weirdo who really cmi'. It's a continuous looking-back process. I hate how embarrassing I am sometimes. socially awkwarddd

15. I was quite an extrovert in Sec 1 and 2. In Sec 2 my life was a huge mess; I turned to introversion and rage at the world and rebellion in interesting ways. Sec 4 was spent being an emo loner, especially after the break-up and all when I realised I didn't really have close friends in Crescent but it didn't matter when I had the one person I took to be my whole world, and had never bothered to foster close friendships with my schoolmates as a result. In JC1, during Orientation, I decided to turn my life around. It did work for a while, and then emoness and confusion set in again at AC and its acidic, vicious / unforgiving ways (or that was how I felt). But then with Council, I found hope and a life again.

....16. I'm actually Grade 6 on the piano, although I play Grade 4 songs and I'm really actually very bad for a person of my grade. I stopped in JC1. I should go back to it I guess.

This is fun. I could go on. BUT ARGH IT'S 2.05am why is it that since Week 2 of the holidays I haven't slept before 2am?! It's the holidays dang it! I should stop going online.

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