Apr 8, 2010

You know what?

PW is going to be awesome. My group and I. I don't care. We'll make it awesome. During PW, Chen gave cool ideas and Sarah was cool and I, for some reason, immediately switched on the computer to take notes about our different personality traits and stuff, and I think I'll make a good secretary. YES, I SHAN'T BE THE GROUP LEADER, MUAHAHA.

I shall be happy and contented and thankful to God for what he's given me and the lessons He'll be teaching me, and I'll try my very best to be less kanchiong.

11pm: You know what, I was thinking about it and I realised this group actually isn't bad at all. In fact I'm actually happy with my group. I'm glad I'm not in the same group as my close friends either (although the fact that all of them are in the same group is still annoying me), because when I'm stressed or irritated I show my ugly side, and my closest friends don't deserve to have to deal with that. Or maybe I'm a little insecure with the friendships because they're still quite new - after all, if I had a choice to do a tough, stressful project with people like Maddie and Jan, they know they're going to get screamed at by me but I'll definitely want to do it with them anyway, 'cos I know we love us no matter what.
But anyway. I still love us all AC friends. To the max.

Anyway, yeah, I actually think our group isn't bad at all. Serious, meticulous, focused freaks like Sarah and I need Chen and Nazi (and I mean the two of them together) to help us loosen up when we're too stressed from time to time. And Sarah will make sure things get done. And I don't care, we'll make a great team.

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