Apr 7, 2010

Oh, Council interview.

Not fluent and I spoke with a croaky, mumbly, disinterested-sounding, "uhh wth" voice. That voice. Shoot me shoot me shoot me.

But at least I was able to think of appropriate responses. By God's grace. I'm usually unable to think on my feet (that's why I ended up rambling 1 minute's worth of rubbish about using hand sanitisers and being allergic to dust during the English O Level oral exam when I was asked what I did to keep myself healthy). But I really really do want to be in Council. But when the teacher asked how much I would rate my want to join Council, I said 8.5 out of 10. I wanted to say 9.5 but thought it would be too pretentious. Ah. Whatever. 85% is a Band 1 in primary school. LOL.

When the teacher asked if I was willing to do something about my hair if I got into council, I readily said yes and that in Dance I used a hairband to put all my hair up. And after that I immediately thought omg, omg, oh no oh no oh no.
I used to tie all my hair up in upper primary and lower secondary. I looked like a friggin' freak. Not posting up pictures now because they're in my hard disk that isn't working, but ugh. I want. To hide. My forehead.

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