Apr 13, 2010

By the way,

No matter what, I love ACJC and my wonderful class.

Regret not applying for the Humanities scholarship because I couldn't be bothered to write the essay. What if I don't get the English Scholarship? I'll emo and hate myself for being lazy.

Ugly ugly me, but there's nothing I can do about looks. I must smile more.

Going to Delta Sports Complex for our PE lesson to support our Hockey girls was fun.

It was the first time in 11 years AC Hockey had entered the finals, and VJ had been the defending champions for 7 years already, but whatever, had fun cheering!
AND JANEY HAS BRACES!! Minyee and Janey (who are now in VJ) and Sheena and I sat together in the middle of both schools at the top of the bleachers for a while. And this bunch of Crescentians came - to support their seniors, I guess.

What I found very striking was the fact that there were a lot of Crescent Hockey players in my batch who are now in VJ and AC Hockey, so ex-teammates were basically playing against one another now. Ex-Crescent Hockey mates were now blocking one another on the pitch; it was kind of sad to witness. I wonder how they must've felt. Especially with Christabel (AC) - Crescent Hockey's ex-captain - and Sarah Kate (VJ) who was their Hockey senior. Imagine ex-Crescentians who are now in different JCs fighting over the same ball.

It was especially bad when the match was over and the AC Hockey girls were crying together while, not far away, the VJC girls were celebrating. I mean, of course it's expected, but to see the ex-Crescent Hockey girls divided into two, with half of them celebrating and the other crying, was just painful. ):

Friday Night: Shakespeare's As You Like It!
I think the ACSian Theatre production was really good. It was entirely in the original text i.e. Old English, which meant all of us were pretty lost at least half the time. But it was still really really good. We really admire the girl who played Rosalind, Priscilla Yang. I mean, no joke okay, they did the whole freaking play and she had to memorize ALL THOSE LINES. I mean, the play was more than 2.5 hours long (including interval = 3 hours) and she had hell of a lot of lines.
(By the way, on the Wikipedia page about the play, "Orlando" is mentioned 15 times; "Rosalind" is mentioned 29 times!)

So yup, memorizing Rosalind's lines must've been hell.
The only quote I can remember from Hamlet is "He has made many tenders of affection to me", and the only reason I remember that is because Dave had to read it out during Lit class because he was pretending to be Ophelia.

Monday's Mass PE: from wheelbarrowing on the track! It was actually much redder than it looks in the photo. In fact, it's still a little red now, one and a half days later.

Mmm, school is good.

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