Jul 1, 2007

those sick of hearing bei feng chui guo de xi tian everytime they come to my blog (i duno how one can get sick of it but anw XD), I'VE CHANGED MY BLOG SONG TO WU LIAO!
i must thank jt like hell cos this song really rocks..
“也许是我不够吊 呆在家里没有人找" XDXD
oh and my 2nd blog song is Bu Liu Lei De Ji Chang, haha jacey and jt and i were making fun of that title, it's like "the airport that dosent cry", then we ere saying "hole in the roof! leaking aircon!!" XDXDXD so funny.. but the song is really touching.. he really puts a lot of emotion into it.. even jiayi (the JM, not the DOU) cried listening to it leh.. heh..
oh yea and yesterday during our 3-way convo (jt jacey and me) jt did a "live performance" for us.. zi you bu bian haha.. and jt and i started playing the piano and jacey was so irritated.. :P

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