May 20, 2014

If I Die

19 May, Detroit -> Toronto, plane sways from side to side as it climbs through the air 

If I die, maybe it would be on the Singapore news. Karen Ho, just turned 21, 6As, Yale-NUS pioneer, what a future she could have had ahead. The media might interview my friends, and they might describe me as a person with a beautiful, loving heart, a heart focused on others. Maybe when my good friends hear about it they will cry, and rush to talk about what a nice person I was, in three words or fewer, to the news.

I urge you to know me beyond that. If you know me well you'd know that I wouldn't view my death as something tragic. If we were fishes, I see death as simply moving from one fish tank to another - from the realm of the world to one we cannot yet see. Another phase of life, like leaving secondary school for JC. I urge you to know me beyond my character traits. Understand my thoughts, my worldviews and philosophies; why I came to my conclusions about life and God; how I hurt and reconcile. Because my writing and thought processes are immortal. And you'll see that there's no cause to cry at all.

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