Mar 17, 2014

Gratitude Journal

So I didn't hop on to the #100happydays bandwagon, but this year I decided to keep a daily gratitude journal. I've tried it before, but I'm making an effort to be more sincere and detailed with it now.

Okay, this is a bad page to use in a photo 'cos it's crumpled and I got the dates on the journal messed up, but whatever. The rest of the pages' entries are a little more personal and I'd rather not put them up here. It actually started when I was wondering what to do with this NUS planner. But it's turned out really well - I've been taking this seriously and penning down things that genuinely mean a lot to me. Most of the entries are pretty personal, which is why I think this is a better idea than posting #100happydays pictures on Facebook. Some things you're grateful for can't be captured on camera; many of these are reflections, and many are too close to my heart to publish to the world. If it were a photo project, I'd probably be much less sincere with it, and the entries wouldn't be as heartwarming to myself. It's a great way to reflect on the day - today I sat down and took the book off the hook and went "okay, what am I grateful for today?" Nothing particularly awesome happened today, and I'm feeling quite unwell, but there were the little things that matter, that I smile when I think about.

I think today I'm glad to be able to sit here in my lovely room and think about which blessings to count.

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