Feb 15, 2014

random musings

I really enjoy reading about my friends' thoughts on their blogs. It's such a different side from the one you see in real life, the side of laughter and casual chats and jamming sessions. In writing you see a side that is reflexive. You see the side of them that things about bigger issues (whether bigger in society, or bigger within). I like the eloquence and thoughtfulness of it. It's a different type of voice.

I really like looking at people's handwriting for some reason. It's like, you see them talk and that's a voice of theirs. And when they write on paper, the way they write their name and the way their words look, it tells you about themselves in a different way. It's a part of them, too. It's like using a different sensory organ to learn about a person.

(musings on writing moved to separate post because i'm deciding to elaborate on it a bit further so it isn't casual and random anymore)

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