Feb 7, 2014

By the way, a second pitch

(Since that Yale-NUS post has been getting quite a substantial amount of page views, and apparently it's circulating among the Dean of Students' office - yay, getting into the deans' / rectors' good books LOL thank you Adri so sweet of you!!! - I figured I might as well.)

Last week or so, I created this site where anyone and everyone can share wartime stories that they've heard from their grandparents, or anyone else who's been through it. I've only published 3 posts so far, but there are many more to come, including Laureen's grandparents' amazing love story - a Jewish woman and her German husband refusing to let the war tear them apart - and Dennis's grandfather's adventures in Vietnam. Like Don Quixote, but, like, real action. Pirates and all that jazz.

If your grandparents have been through the war, ask them about it! Share them with us on the website, too. The generation is disappearing quickly, along with its wealth of stories, and we will (hopefully) never experience what they have - these incredible stories will disappear if we don't collect them now. I just hope to collect these precious anecdotes while we still can.

Oh, and please don't worry that your little contribution might be too 'boring' or 'average' for the site - whether it's a short reply from your grandparents ("No, I don't hate them. I didn't really lose anything close to me. I lost my entire family when my house burnt down after the war." - Dylan's grandfather) or just a little observation your grandparents made about the way a soldier walked down the street, I want to hear it! No memory is too small or too plain.

Do spread the word, too! Again:

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